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Bringing people closer together in physical and digital spaces through language, technology, food, and fun.

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“The quality of Queen & Co.'s work is consistently excellent. They both provide translations and develop our site in Japanese and English.”

Towada Art Center

“Queen & Co. is like our in-house translation team. They have helped us vastly increase productivity when handling our overseas operations.”

Maruhiro Co., Ltd.

“Queen & Co. has helped us create a unified brand identity, centralize our language assets on the cloud, and establish a holistic strategy for translation.”

Public Relations Office, Kyushu University

Our Brands

A Better Way to Translate
Our revolutionary translation platform supercharges your in-house translation operation to save you time and money without anything getting lost in translation.
Visit honyaku.org
A Place to Belong
Our office is in the community, and the community is in our office at this third space and event venue in downtown Towada City.

Always open and free for all.
Neapolitan Pizza with a Twist
We use only Italian "00" flour to make authentic Neapolitan pizza dough and pair premium meats and cheeses with local Tohoku produce for the best pizza in the prefecture.
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